Mac vs PC for Business: Which One to Rent?

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Mac vs PC for Business: Which One to Rent? | HTR

When it comes to life in the modern world, it's hard to imagine how to get work done without a computer.

No matter what kind of tasks you need a computer for; you'll need to pick the perfect computing model to meet your business needs. After all, every job is different, and everyone has a different preference for what they like to use.

Deciding between Mac vs PC for business can be frustrating. Fortunately, we are here to provide insights into the key differences between the two. With this knowledge, you will be able to decide whether renting a desktop PC or renting Apple Mac is best for your work environment.

Pros of Windows PC

First, let's take a look at some of the advantages of using a PC. Basically, these are machines loaded with a version of the Microsoft Windows operating system. It's no secret that most business computers use Windows which is preloaded with Microsoft Office; this features two of the most popular productivity software programs – Excel and Word – used in the workplace.

If you need to rent desktop PCs for an in-house training or to conduct software testing, there is no down time for your employees since most will already be familiar with MS Office.

Because there are different manufacturers offering a variety of models with multiple configurations, you will always find a Windows PC that meets your business computing needs. You can choose from various types of processors, RAM, storage, ports, displays and more. Additionally, another benefit is that it is easy to upgrade and reconfigure Windows PC if that is of interest.

Lastly, if you are a gamer, there is no other option than a Windows PC. Macs do not have the high-end graphic cards required to play high-resolution games. So if you’re looking for a computer that can play the latest games in high quality, a PC model makes sense.

Cons of Windows PC

The primary drawback of a Windows PC is its security breaches caused by hackers and computer viruses. As a result, your IT department might have to spend time downloading the most recent security patch to prevent spyware from invading your machines.

Another downside is that Windows computers typically come pre-loaded with bloatware from manufacturers which can make them slow and buggy in the work environment.

Pros of Apple Mac

One benefit of Apple Mac is that these machines are well-known for being less complicated and easy to use. The chances of being hit by viruses and malware on Macs are less in comparison to PCs.

The pre-installed software programs on Mac (like Numbers, Pages and Keynote) come directly from Apple and seem to be thoroughly tested and optimized to work well on Macs. Software updates are consistent, effortless and trouble free.

Additionally, Mac devices are well-designed, sleek and visually appealing. Apple Mac rentals can work better and flawlessly with other Apple devices like iPhone and iPads.

Cons of Apple Mac

One major disadvantage of Apple Mac is its software. There are far more work-related applications, like Microsoft Excel, Accounting Software to name a few that are designed for Windows computers not Macs.

In addition, using a Mac is very different than using a Windows computer. So employees switching from a Windows PC background to Mac will have to be patient as they get used to the way these machines work.

Mac vs PC for Business: Is There a Winner?

Not really… it all depends upon which platform – Windows PC or Apple Mac - better suits your business needs and what your budget can afford.

Now that you understand the pros and cons of each platform, it should make choosing one platform over the other easier.  

Of course, if you are still unsure, you can always rent PC and rent Mac to see how your employees like each platform and see if either can help improve productivity in the office.

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