Virtual Reality Applications Changing the World

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Virtual Reality Applications Changing the World | HTR

What tech segment is forecast to jump from around $2 billion in 2017 to $19 billion in 2020? The virtual reality -- or VR -- industry!

Virtual reality truly is the wave of the future. Use of this type of technology is exploding in the gaming industry, business environments and is transforming meetings and events.

Want to know more about virtual reality applications? Here are five ways that the use of virtual reality is changing our world right now!

1. VR in Medicine

Probably one of the best uses of virtual reality is in the realm of medicine. Gone are the days of dangerous preservatives and practicing on animals or donated bodies. Now, med students can train with virtual anatomical models. They can even get up close and microscopic VR views of body processes.

Additionally, VR is showing to be useful for helping patients deal with anxiety, PTSD, and pain management.

2. Prototype Testing

Let's say your business has developed an amazing product, however, it costs too much to produce a prototype. Or, it is difficult to get it in front of your potential audience. There is where VR comes to the rescue!

For example, a new car model can be presented to test audiences without having to spend all of that money creating the real thing. Imagine the savings to automakers who could then continue to re-invest in their R&D efforts.

3. Global Connections

Imagine a space where you and a business associate who works in another country can meet up without paying for an expensive plane ticket. Using a virtual reality program, you can make that a reality.

VR technology is bringing employees, business partners and vendors scattered across the globe together which then makes it easier to collaborate on projects.

4. Training and Education

There's nothing like real world, hands-on education. In some situations, it might be expensive to provide training materials or dangerous to put trainees on a job site.

Using virtual reality, HR teams can train new hires or interns in a safe, controlled, and cost-effective environment. The VR classroom is great practice before tackling a task in real life.

5. Sports and Leisure

There are plenty of uses for VR in more serious areas of life. But what's wrong with having a little fun? VR is perfect for playing games with your family or going on virtual vacations. With a good connection and a VR headset, you can play with anyone, anywhere.

Imagine all of the art and 3D worlds that can be created in virtual reality. Online experiences can be more in-depth and exceptional, and easily created in a work environment or event venue.

In the realm of sports, you might be able to watch your favorite team no matter where they play. Tickets to virtual seats might be on the market someday soon. For teams, using VR videos shot from the player’s point of view will enable them to see situations they may face on the field. This could help teams prepare without having players be on the practice field where they could get hurt. Now, that’s a plus!

Try Virtual Reality Applications Today

These are just some of the virtual reality applications being created right now. The future holds so many more interesting and exciting ideas.

Your business doesn’t have to wait until some distant time to start using VR. Why not rent VR headset? You could start enjoying all of the benefits of virtual reality today.

If you need help figuring out which virtual reality applications make sense for your business, we are here to help. Give us a call at 888-520-5667 or contact us today to find out more!