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Laser Projector Rental

Laser Projector rental models from 4K up to 12K

Once thought of as science fiction, laser projectors are fast becoming the standard in projector technology for a lot of reasons.  Here’s just a few:

  • Laser projectors use 3 individual red, green, blue lasers that achieve higher performance in image quality parameters such as color gamut, contrast ratio and dynamic range.
  • Laser projectors require less maintenance.
  • They last significantly longer than traditional projector lamps (most last 20,000 hours compared to an average of 3,000 hours).
  • Laser technology offers near instant on/off with full brightness.
  • Laser projectors are inherently far more reliable while standard projector lamps have un-predictable lamp life.
  • Brightness decay in traditional bulbs degrades significantly quicker than laser technology which is more linear. This is especially useful when edge blending multiple projectors.

Interested in renting a laser projector?  Fill out our quick quote request or give us a call today at 888-522-5667 for presentation projector rentals. We ship nationwide and we carry a range of lenses for our 8K and 12K projectors to meet your needs.

Learn more about our laser projector rental lineup.

Optoma 4K Laser Projector Rental Optoma 4K Laser Projector Rental

Great for meeting rooms, this projector offers an ultra-short throw laser technology producing a 100” full HD 1080p image from only 13 inches away! No more blocking the aisle.

Optoma 8K Laser Projector Rental Optoma 8K Laser Projector Rental

Designed for large meeting rooms, the laser phosphor light source delivers vibrant colors and more consistent brightness at 1080p for stunning quality images. Multiple lens options available

Panasonic 12K Laser Projector Rental Panasonic 12K Laser Projector Rental

Delivering 12,000 lumens in a very compact and lightweight body that offers flexible installation options. Great for auditoriums and museums. Multiple lens options available.

Rent Panasonic DLP Laser Projectors Panasonic DLP Laser Projector Rentals | Hartford Technology Rent Panasonic DLP Laser Projectors for Conferences, Large Ballrooms & Event Halls. We stock 6200 lumen, 10,000 lumen and12,000 lumen projectors. We also have Short-throw & Zoom lenses available for rent.
Panasonic 20K Large Venue Laser Projector Rental Panasonic 20K-lumen 4K+ Laser Projector Rental | Hartford Tech Rental When you want innovative, film-like picture quality at your next live event, we recommend renting the Panasonic PT-RQ22KU laser 3-chip DLP projector. It features 20,000 lumens with 4K+ solid shine laser technology for bright and extremely clear picture reproduction.
Panasonic 30K Large Venue Laser Projector Rental Rent Panasonic 30K-lumen 4K+ Large Venue Laser Projector | HTR Looking for the perfect option for large-venue entertainment applications? We’ve got you covered with Panasonic’s new flagship projector, the PT-RQ32K. Combining the SOLID SHINE technology with 3-chip DLP, the laser projector rental produces 27,000 lumens (center) of brightness and 20,000:1 contrast ratio for spectacularly vivid color performance.