Magic Leap One Rental

Magic Leap Rental, Augmented Reality Headset

Instead of replacing the real world with a virtual one, what if you could insert life-like people and moving objects into a person’s view of the real world? Interested? This mixed reality headset – the Magic Leap One - will be introduced into the technology market sometime in 2018.

What is Magic Leap One?

Magic Leap One is a head-mounted augmented reality headset that allows you to see through as if wearing a special pair of glasses. The black, bug-eyed googles are tethered to a powerful pocket-sized computer which overlays 3D computer-generated imagery over real world objects by projecting digital light into the user’s eye. The advanced technology powering the AR headset allows the user to naturally process digital objects in the same way as real-world objects which make the googles comfortable to use over long periods of time.

Uses for Mixed Reality Headset

How well will Magic Leap One work in everyday environments like an office, warehouse, event venue or home remains to be seen but here are some possible uses for the wearable AR headset:

  • Shop and explore with 3D objects by using content extraction and spatial browsing
  • Connect in physical space with others digitally to collaborate and share experiences with colleagues
  • Create displays on demand that can deliver content into any physical space
  • Experiment with unique combinations of creatures and objects to uncover unexpected groupings
  • Develop games that transport user to different worlds

Hartford Technology Rental – Augmented Reality Experts

The mixed reality headset by Magic Leap is set to take augmented reality into a whole new set of capabilities. And when it does, Hartford Technology Rental will be ready with Magic Leap One rentals.
We are experienced in virtual-, augmented- and mixed-reality headset rentals and also offer gaming laptops and PC rentals, gaming monitors, controllers and more.

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