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Panasonic DLP Projector Lens Rental: Ultra Short Throw, Zoom | Hartford Technology

Your venue is set and now, it’s time to start figuring out your projection needs for your visual presentation. Do you have the correct DLP laser projector for your event? What if it doesn’t fit in the auditorium or ballroom? What about the screen size at the venue? There are so many factors to consider…where do you start?

First, you need to partner with an AV expert like Hartford Technology Rental. Our expert Sales team will work with you and your team to identify the correct projector rental and the necessary lenses to make your event a success.

If our team recommends one of our Panasonic 1-Chip DLP laser projector rentals, we can also rent projector lenses to suit your presentation needs. Here are the compatible 1-Chip lenses we offer:

Ultra-short throw lens

Panasonic ET-DLE030

You can shorten the projection distance by almost 60% with this ultra-short throw lens. This savings in space allows you to project images in areas that might have been tight or unavailable (i.e., where the ceiling was too high or there wasn’t enough front or rear space for projecting). This flexibility offers more opportunities to showcase visual presentations in a variety of environments. This ultra-short throw lens rental is compatible with the 6,000 lumen PT-RZ660 and 10,000 lumen PT-RZ660 laser projector rentals we carry.

Panasonic Zoom Lens

ET-DLE060, ET-DLE105, ET-DLE150

The Power Zoom lens feature allows a variety of projector distances while keeping image size consistent. When you partner with an AV rental company, the technician will shift the optical elements of the zoom lens to make the projected image larger or smaller. This allows you to deliver the desired image size from a range of throw distances. These Panasonic zoom lens rental models are compatible with the 6,000 lumen, 10,000 lumen and 12,000 lumen laser projector rentals we have in inventory.

Partner with AV Expert

When you need an experienced team by your side, Hartford Technology Rental is here. We stock professional-grade laser projector and lens rentals from Panasonic. In addition, we offer competitive rental prices with 24/7 technical support. If you are ready to get started, complete the projector lens rental quote. Not sure? Call us at 888-520-5667 and our expert Sales team can answer any of your questions.

Specs ET-DLE060 ET-DLE105 ET-DLE150
Type: Zoom Zoom Zoom
F Value: 1.85 – 2.34 1.85 – 2.35 1.8 – 2.4
Throw Ratio: .600 - .80:1 (WUXGA) .978 – 1.32:1 (WUXGA) 1.30 – 1.89:1 (WUXGA)
Compatible 1-Chip Projector Models: PT-RZ660, PT-RZ97, PT-RZ120 PT-RZ660, PT-RZ97, PT-RZ120 PT-RZ660, PT-RZ97, PT-RZ120