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Rent a Server

With the costs of servers, renting a server is a great option for short-term projects for businesses and events. On top of that the typical lead times for purchasing a server may not fit your time constraints. That’s where we come in. We can rent you a range of servers from micro-sized models to high-end multi-core performance models with terabytes of storage.

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Server Rentals Customized for You

When your need a high-performance computer server rentals or a gaming server rental, take a look at Hartford Technology Rental. Our inventory includes Windows servers, Linux servers, Apple OS X servers and more in either rack mount or tower configurations built to suit your business or event needs. Our experienced technicians build, configure and test your server rental to meet your specifications prior to delivery. How much does a server rental cost? That’s a difficult question to answer as all server rentals are custom configured to your exact specifications. We can however, tell you that our customers tell us we have the most affordable server rental rates they’ve found.

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Oftentimes, we find customers that need to rent a server also need additional equipment such as networking gear, desktops, copiers or printers. We provide a full-range of office equipment technology making it easy to be your one stop shop for all your equipment needs. If you can’t find what you need, simply let us know in the comments section of the quick quote request form.

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Why rent a server?

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Customers typically rent servers for short-term projects last 12 months or less. The reason for that is that simple. Servers can cost quite a lot and if you just have a onetime need, it doesn’t make sense to purchase. Here’s some examples on why customers rent servers.

Gaming events
Sometimes renting cloud server services makes sense but if you’re hosting a high-profile gaming event, you may want to consider a gaming server rental to ensure high reliability and bandwidth for your event.  This avoid the pitfalls of Internet connectivity issues at hotels and venues along with the high costs renting a gaming server starts to look like a much better option.

Temporary offices
We’ve had customers win GSA contracts for a fixed term and don’t want to invest in owning equipment when the project is only 1 year or less.  We work with a lot of prime contractors and sub-contractors just for this reason.  Should the project extend for another year, we also offer competitive buyout options.

Application testing
If you are testing out a new application that you either created or what to implement, you might want to consider renting a server for testing purposes before you go all in on an expensive purchase.

Data center moves
Are you tasked with having to relocate your data center and need to rent some servers for a short period to make the transition go smoothly?  Renting makes the perfect sense to ensure no downtime during the transition.

Disaster recovery
If your servers went down due to a disaster could your organization continue operating?  We offer business continuity solutions to keep your business operational during unforeseen events.  Besides typical desktop and laptop computers, our solution includes servers as well.

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Why rent servers from Hartford?

There’s a few vendors out that where you can rent servers. There’s a lot more to servers than your basic computer and configurations can get complicated. We take away the complications of renting servers and make it super easy. You give us your specifications and our technical sales representatives along with our team of experienced technicians will do the rest.

You  need more than just a vendor who can configure your server, you need a partner who will support it 24/7 all for a competitive price.

We have main distribution locations in major metropolitan cities of Chicago, Washington DC, New York and Los Angeles offering local delivery and setup and delivery nationwide.

When you’re ready to talk, give us call us at 888-520-5667 and learn more about our affordable server rentals.

  • I have yet to encounter a member of your team that has not gone out of their way to be helpful, accommodating and a delight to deal with (yourself included). You should be proud of what you have assembled.
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  • The setup was great. I’m sorry I forgot the gentleman’s name who setup the Ballroom but he was great.
    Washington Event Company
  • Pricing is always a challenge for us in the event technology space but Hartford is great to work with and will price match and negotiate to meet the clients needs when necessary. I would whole heartedly recommend Hartford to anyone as a dependable partner for event and technology needs in any situation.
    Event Planning Company
  • Hartford Technology Rentals has provided superb service and timely responses to my questions and requests – the computers and camcorders arrived at the specified date so we can concentrate on other issues related to our event.
    University of Alabama
  • I’m so sorry I’m tardy in telling you … Your team is Great!!! Thanks so much for being so accommodating on the New York set up and adding Relativity at the last moment like you did. Gisele was very happy with your tech’s work, and from what I gather everything went off without a hitch. Great Work!!
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