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Touch screen laptops for events are more than just a marketing gimmick. Microsoft’s Windows 10 touch friendly OS has made touch screen laptops much more practical that complement the mouse and keyboard. Sometimes it’s just easier to tap or swipe the screen to interact with the elements on the screen than using a mouse or trackpad. With the proliferation of tablets and smartphones touch screen laptops are more intuitive for users to interact.

Touch screen laptops in large part can be credited to Microsoft’s Windows 10 software. Its touch optimized OS makes touch screens a useful feature. While ultimately the touch screen is just another way to interact with your laptop we’ve found our customers rent touch screen laptops for tradeshows, surveys and polling projects. It’s a great alternative to a keyboard and mouse for your audience where you may be asking them to answer some questions from a survey or process a credit card transaction.

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Touchscreen Laptop Rental ProBook 430 Touchscreen Laptop Rental by HP

Is your business looking for a thin, touchscreen laptop designed to take anywhere? We can help - our HP laptop rental offers business professionals powerful tools to stay productive on the go.